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John Labunski Best Investment Advice


At Guardian Financial Group we want you to feel SECURE about retirement. You want certainty around your retirement plans. The problem is a lack of knowledge to put a proper plan in place, which makes you feel anxious.

We believe ministers who spend their lives serving others deserve a secure retirement. We understand the unique challenges ministers face when it comes to saving and planning for retirement advice by John Labunski. This is why we have been able to help thousands of ministers maximize unique tax advantages, create sustainable retirement income, and limit market risk.

Our Services:

Housing Allowance for Ministers

Investment Strategies

Social Security Optimization

Money Management

Retirement Planning



Safe Money Investment Tools

Insurance and Insurance Based Financial Products

Full Service Money Management thru our market partners at Fund Architects LLC

Estate Planning

Retirement Strategies

Media Marketing Nationwide

From Houston to Dallas and across the United States.